Fee Schedule

Individual sessions:

$200 per hour


$50 per hour


Group sessions:

(Not currently operating)

$60 per hour


Phone call:

$100 per half hour (after 10 minutes)

Clinical Reports:

$150 per page

Medico-legal reports:

$180  per pag

Most individual sessions are for 50-60 mins.

Bulk billing facilities are available for Pensioners, unemployed people, full-time secondary and tertiary students, and persons experiencing financial hardship, if they have been referred under the Better Access to Mental Health program. 

In bulk-billing, the client signs a form or presses a button on a keypad, so that the Medicare refund goes directly to the service provider without any gap fee, or need for the client to go to Medicare to pick up the refund.   Because the refund is less than the standard fee for the particular service, bulk-billing is available only to people who would have difficulty paying the standard fee.

See the “Referral” page for more information.

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